Print Services

Print services within AB have evolved to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  To make the most of these services, it's important to consider when to send your print jobs to Ricoh copiers as opposed to the HP LaserJet printers.  For high-volume print tasks, we encourage you to utilize the copiers available throughout your schools/offices, as they are optimized for handling large print jobs and have a cheaper "pay-for-page" cost.  

Additionally, please note EDTech is gradually decreasing the number of HP LaserJet printers district-wide.  The current list of HP LaserJet printers that are no longer being supported by our service contractor are:

4700n 4050N P2035n  

CP2025 4100N P2055dn

2300 M3035MFP 1320N

2420 P2015x P4014n

2300n 5500N CP1525nw

CP2025 2100 4600N

*Please be aware that if one of these printers malfunctions, users may not receive a replacement printer. 

Print from a Mac

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Print from a PC

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Printer from a Chromebook

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