Leaving The District

Graduating Seniors:

Class of 2022 students will have access to ABschools email and Drive accounts until August 31, 2022.

If you want to transfer your data to a personal Gmail account and/or share important docs to other staff or students you MUST do so prior to the August 31st deadline (see below for assistance).

Staff members:

Educators and staff members retiring at the end of the school year will have access to ABschools accounts until August 31st.

Please plan accordingly and see our tutorials below. Remember to transfer any important shared documents (I.E. grade level, school-wide or classroom information that your colleagues may continue to need access to) and important personal data to a Gmail account.

All district-issued technology must be returned to EDTech. If you are returning an iPad, you need to sign out of your Apple accounts

The quickest and easiest ways to copy Email and Drive files to a Personal GMail Account!

  • Google offers the Google Transfer Service which copies the contents of the ABschools Drive folder and all emails to a personal GMail account. While this is the quickest and easiest way to transfer your data, please review this Google Transfer documentation before you use the service, as you will need to prepare your ABschools account accordingly depending on the storage quota of your personal Gmail account. You may need to delete unwanted information in order to transfer the data that you want to keep. For instance, ABschools has unlimited data storage while personal Gmail accounts do not unless you pay for it!

  • Archive Your Data with Google Takeout - Google Takeout creates an archive of the data in your Google Drive, your Gmail account, your Google Contacts, and your Google Calendars. Click here to visit the Google Takeout and create an archive of your Google data. While this service works well in quickly providing users with zip files of their data, users can be overwhelmed trying to import that data into other applications in order to read it.

Transferring ownership of Google Docs to your classmates/staff members

  • Remember any Google Doc file you created and shared with others will no longer be accessible to your friends and colleagues when your ABschools account is disabled! This includes any shared curriculum files, files on a shared website, or, for seniors, files created in support of clubs/teams. Please transfer ownership or create a shared drive of any important files you would like to leave behind before you leave the district. Transferring data is only allowed within the ABschools domain! So you won't be able to transfer ownership to a personal Gmail account (use Google Transfer Service for this).

Saving important emails!

    • If you only need to save a small number of ABschools messages, the easiest option is to forward those messages one by one to your personal email account. If you are in need of transferring all of your ABschools emails to a personal Gmail account, you can follow these directions.

  • If you need to download a copy of all your ABschools messages into a personal email account, such as a Yahoo or Hotmail account, you will need to use that email program’s POP3 import feature. Check the Help section of your email provider for directions on using the POP3 import feature for your personal email account. Don’t wait until the last minute to complete this step, as it can take a while if you are exporting a large number of messages!

How to let people know that you are getting a new email address!

  • Click here to access the how-to document for setting an auto-reply message in your ABschools account. In the auto-reply provide the contact information you would like to use.

Export/Share your contacts

  • Use this how-to document if you need help exporting your Contacts without using Google Takeout.

  • Share your ABSchools Contact Lists

    • Click here for directions on sharing Contact Lists with colleagues within the district

Saving Calendar events

    • Follow Google's directions if you need help exporting the events from your personal Gmail calendar.

Export Chrome Bookmarks

  • Follow these directions if you need help exporting your Chrome bookmarks and importing them into Chrome in another GMail account.

Saving your Non-Google Files - Microsoft Office, Notebook, Pictures, Music, Movies

  • If you only have a few files to save the easiest way is to email them to yourself at your personal email address as attachments. If you have a large quantity of files, or if you are saving larger multi-media files, you can copy the files to your personal flash drive or external hard drive. If you need help, contact your building based Instructional Technology Staff member