Leaving The District

 Graduating Seniors:

Class of 2023 students will have access to ABschools email and Drive accounts until August 31, 2023

If you want to transfer your data to a personal Gmail account and/or share important docs to other staff or students you MUST do so prior to the August 31st deadline (see below for assistance).

 Staff members:

Educators and staff members retiring at the end of the school year will have access to ABschools accounts until August 31st.  

Please plan accordingly to transfer any important shared documents.

All district-issued technology must be returned to EDTech.  If you are returning an iPad, you need to sign out of your Apple accounts

The quickest and easiest ways to copy Email and Drive files to a Personal GMail Account!

Transferring ownership of Google Docs to your classmates/staff members

Saving important emails!

How to let people know that you are getting a new email address!

Export/Share your contacts

Saving Calendar events

Export Chrome Bookmarks 

Saving your Non-Google Files - Microsoft Office, Notebook, Pictures, Music, Movies