ABSchools 2FA 

In order to maintain our cyber insurance coverage, all staff must enable two-factor authentication on their ABschools account. This new security feature will help prevent unauthorized access to your ABSchools account, as well as keep our network and sensitive data safe from cyber threats.  Follow these steps to enable 2FA on your account today!

How do I set it up?

What 2FA methods are available and which ones should I use?  

Here are your 2FA options:

Both Prompts and Authenticator are recommended for both easy setup and usage. Prompts uses Google Apps already installed on your phone to send a push notification that you click on to approve.

Simply install Authenticator from the App/Google Play Store on your smartphone and easily configure and use.

Pin code sent to your cell phone number

Great option if you don't want to use your cell phone or have poor wifi/cell phone coverage

Solid backup plan for users who don't want to use their cell phone, have poor cell phone/wifi coverage, and/or may be traveling outside of cell phone coverage area

Will I have to do this every time I log in to my email?

No! Once you authenticate and complete the process you will have an option to "remember your device."  From that point on Google will not prompt you again on that device unless you clear your browser's cache, change your password, or if Google suspects that your account has been breached.  

Frequently asked questions

Don't have a smartphone?

Having a smartphone makes for a MUCH easier and more secure experience with Google Authenticator or Google Prompts. But if you do not have a smartphone, you have options including having an automated call to a landline number or using one-time backup codes.

Do I need Google printed back up codes? 

It's a good idea to have backup codes available if you have poor cell signal or limited WiFi access.  You may also need to have codes available when you travel, especially internationally.  Remember, you can always print out codes and keep them in your wallet or even take a picture of them with your cell phone!

What should I do if I lost my phone or don't have it on me?

Contact EDTech and we will be able to help you access your data, as needed, for the day.  However, you should do your best to have your smartphone with you whenever you anticipate needing to access to ABSchools.