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Section I—Instructional Program

Essentials of Education - File: IA

School Year/School Calendar - File: IC/ICA

School Day - File: ID

Curriculum Development - File: IGA

Curriculum and Instructional Material - File: IGA-R

Curriculum Adoption - File: IGD

Basic Instructional Program - File: IHA-E

Physical Education - File: IHAE

Health Education - File: IHAM

Health and Sex Education Parent Notification Policy - File: IHAM-1

Health and Sex Education Parent Notification Procedures - File: IHAM-1-E

Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco - File: IHAMA

Use of Weapons as Part of Instruction - File: IHAMD

Use of Weapons as Part of Instruction - Procedures - File: IHAMD-R

Programs for Students with Special Education Needs - File: IHB

Title 1 Funds - File: IHBD

English Language Learners - File: IHBEA

Home or Hospital Instruction - File: IHBF

Home Schooling - File: IHBG

Home Schooling Administrative Procedure - File: IHBG-R-1

Instructions for Submitting a Proposal for Home Schooling - File: IHBG-R-2

Extracurricular and Athletic Participation by Home-Schooled Students - File: IHBGA

Extracurricular and Athletic Participation By Home-Schooled Students - File: IHBGA-R

Elementary Class Size - File: IIBA

Elementary Class Size - File: IIBA-R

Instructional Materials - File: IJ

Reconsideration Of Instructional Resources - File: IJ-R

Textbook Selection and Adoption - File: IJJ

Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption - File: IJK

Library Materials Selection and Adoption - File: IJL

Selection Of Library Books/Media - File: IJL-R

Special Interest Materials Selection And Adoption - File: IJM

Curriculum And Instruction: Access To Electronic Media - File: IJND

Acceptable Use Guidelines For The Internet - File: IJNDB

School And District Web Pages - File: IJNDC

Field Trip Policy - File: IJOA

Field Trip Procedures - File: IJOA-R

School Volunteers - File: IJOC

Reporting Student Progress - File: IK

Student Progress Reports To Parents/Guardians - File: IKAB

Homework - File: IKB

Promotion And Retention Of Students - File: IKE

Graduation Requirements - File: IKF

Evaluation Of Instructional Programs - File: IL

District Program Assessments - File: ILBA

Studying Controversial/Sensitive Issues - File: IMB

School Ceremonies And Religious Holiday Observances - File: IMD

School Ceremonies And Religious Holiday Observances - File: IMD-R