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Section B—School Board Governance and Operations

School Committee Legal Status - File: BB

School Committee Powers and Duties - File: BBA

School Committee Member Authoriy - File: BBAA

Unexpired Term Fulfillment - File: BBBE

School Committee Member Ethics - File: BCA

Committee Member Conflict of Interest - File: BCB

School Committee Annual Organizational Meeting - File: BDA

School Committee Officers - File: BDB

Appointed Committee Officials - File: BDC

School Committee-Superintendent Relationship - File: BDD

School Councils - File: BDFA

School Improvement Plan - File: BDFA-E-1

Submission and Approval of the School Improvement Plan - File: BDFA-E-2

Conduct of School Council Business - File: BDFA-E-3

Special Education Parent Advisory Council - File: BDFB

Special Education Parent Advisory Council - Procedure - File: BDFB-R

School Attorney - File: BDG

School Committee Meetings - File: BE

Executive Sessions - File: BEC

Notification of School Committee Meetings - File: BEDA

Agenda Format - File: BEDB

Rules of Order - File: BEDD

Voting Method - File: BEDF

Minutes - File: BEDG