What to Do When Leaving the District

When you leave the school district, you have options for managing your files and data. Please be sure to read all these options carefully so that you’ll have an “exit strategy” for all of your files, email, and other digital resources. 

District Guidelines for Leaving The District

Any personal files left on your computer will be erased when your computer is wiped clean and re-imaged. Any files in your Documents folder will be deleted when your account it deactivated.

If you are a graduating senior:

  • You have access to files in the "Documents" folder on a school computer until June 30th of the year you graduate, after which time those files will be deleted. 
  • You will have access to your ABschools email and Drive account until August 31st of the school year you graduate. 
  • IMPORTANT!!! - If you created and shared ABschools files with staff or students who are still in high school, you MUST transfer ownership of those documents to an active ABschools account prior to the August 31st deadline. 

If you are resigning Staff member:

  • Once you announce to Personnel that you intend to leave the district, you should assume that after your last day of employment you will no longer have access to your ABschools and network account.  All of your files need to be copied prior to your last day of employment

If you are retiring Staff member:

  • Assuming you retire at the end of the school year, you have until August 31st to access your files and data on the school's server AND in your ABschools account

Copying your ABSchools Email and Drive files to a Personal GMail Account

  • Google offers the Google Transfer Service for students and staff to copy the contents of their Drive folder and their ABSchools email to a personal GMail account. Please review this Google Transfer documentation before you use the service.

Sign out of a District issued iPad 
  • If you are turning in a district-owned iPad, you need to delete any apps that contain personal information, and you also need to sign out of your Apple accounts before you go. Instructions for completing these important steps can be found here.

Saving Your Documents

Non-Google Docs Files

  • Manually Save Them (best when you just have a few files) - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Notebook, Pictures, Music, Movies, etc.
    • If you only have a few files to move, you can email them to yourself at your personal email address as attachments.
    • If you have a large quantity of files, or if you are saving multi-media files, you can either burn them to a CD or DVD, or you can copy the files to your personal flash drive or external hard drive.
    • If you need help, follow these backup directions to take a copy of your non-Google docs, photos, music, Notebook files, and other files with you:
    • Complete Backup - PC
    • Complete Backup - Mac
  • Give Files to a Colleague
    • If you only have a few files to share, you can email them as attachments to your colleagues.
  • If you have large quantities of files you can either burn them to a CD or DVD and give it to your colleagues, or you can copy the files to a flash drive, which can be passed on to your colleagues.

Google Docs Files

  • Archive Your Data with Google Takeout - Google Takeout creates an archive of the data in your Google Drive, your Gmail account, your Google Contacts, and your Google Calendars. Click here to visit the Google Takeout and create an archive of your Google data.
    • Google Takeout does not address the issues of ownership and sharing which are covered in the guidelines that EdTech has provided on the rest of this page.
      • This means that if you own Google docs that are shared with others, the other users will lose access to the files when your account is terminated.
    • Google Takeout saves all Google Docs as Microsoft Office or Open Office documents when creating your archive/backup file.
      • This means you will need to convert the files from your archive back to Google docs if you plan to upload them to a personal GMail account in the future (we have steps below which show you how to do this more easily)
    • Google Takeout does not backup the files stored on your computer, such the files in your My Documents folder, My Pictures, My Music, etc. 
      • Be sure to follow the steps above (Saving Your Documents) to backup those files.
    • Google Takeout archives your Gmail in a format that is not easily transferred to another email account, even another Gmail account. Read the information below in the Saving GMail section to better understand your options for saving your ABschools emails.
  • Transfer ownership of Google Doc files to another colleague/student IN THE DISTRICT 
    • Any Google Doc files YOU made and shared will no longer be accessible for your colleagues when your ABschools account is disabled
      • Any shared curriculum files or files on a shared website will stop working!
      • Any files that graduating seniors shared with members of clubs/teams etc. will stop working!
    • You need to transfer ownership of any important files before you leave the district.
    • Click here to access the how-to document for transferring ownership of your Google Docs files to another ABschools account.
  • Transfer ownership of Google Docs to a NON-ABSCHOOLS G-Mail account.
    • You can share selected files in your ABschools Drive with a personal G-Mail account, and then make a copy of those files. This transfers ownership of the copied files to your personal G-Mail account. This will also allow the files to stay in their Google Docs format and not be converted into a different format. Click HERE for the complete how-to doc.
  • Save Google Docs by converting them to Microsoft Office documents.
    • Follow these directions if you would like to export the Google docs in your Drive and convert them to MicrosoftOffice (or .pdf, or Open Office) documents.

Saving Gmail 

  • Forward your ABschools messages to a personal email address
    • If you only need to save a small number of ABschools messages, the easiest option is to forward those messages one by one to your personal email account
    • If you need to download a copy of all your ABschools messages into a personal email account, such as a Yahoo or Hotmail account, you will need to use that email program’s POP3 import feature. 
    • Check the Help section of your email provider for directions on using the POP3 import feature for your personal email account. Don’t wait until the last minute to complete this step, as it can take a while if you are exporting a large number of messages.
    • If you are transferring your ABschools messages to a personal Gmail account, you can follow these directions
    • Here’s a helpful article from Google that also provides information about transferring your old messages to a new account. 
Don’t wait until the last minute to complete this step, as it can take a while if you are exporting a large number of messages.
  • Notify people of my your email address
    • Click here to access the how-to document for setting an auto-reply message in your ABschools account.
  • Export your ABschools contacts
    • Exporting contacts is included in the Google Takeout documentation (see above). You can also use this how-to document if you need help exporting your Contacts without using Google Takeout.

  • Share your ABSchools Contact Lists
    • Click here for directions on sharing Contact Lists with colleagues within the district

Saving Calendar Events

  • Follow these directions if you need help exporting the events from your personal Gmail calendar.

Export Chrome Bookmarks

  • Follow these directions if you need help exporting your Chrome bookmarks and importing them into Chrome in another GMail account