Kindergarten Learning Goals

Knowing that young children's brains and bodies grow best when all of their senses are engaged, Acton-Boxborough Regional School District strives to incorporate technology as another tool of the trade for rich sensory play in the classroom. As the journey to technological literacy begins in Kindergarten, students will begin to use various forms of technology to solve problems and bolster support of foundational learning skills in reading, writing, math, and science.

Standard 1 - Use it!

Learn how to use a computer or device
  • Identify components of a computer and/or tablet, including accessories (monitor, keyboard, mouse) and describe their basic care.
  • Identify correct and incorrect posture for computer use.
Learn how to use programs and applications

  • Perform basic operations: Ability to simply navigate a tablet, device or computer system (home button, swipe, tap on app)

Learn how to use the Internet

  • Describe how people use many types of technology in their daily lives K-2:2.

Standard 2 - Protect It!

Protect your privacy/safety while using technology

    • Understand the importance of being safe on the Internet (rules for social behavior in the physical world are the same as online, I.E., "Do not talk to strangers")
Practice respect for others and their work while using technology (cyberbullying)
    • Demonstrate respect for others when sharing a computer device/tablet.
    Practice responsibility while using technology
    • Follow classroom rules for responsible use of computers by describing acceptable and unacceptable use of computers (AUP).

Standard 3 - Find It and Solve It! Create It and Share It!

Use Technology to Learn and Practice Problem Solving

  • Use teacher selected educational games to enhance or support learning foundational skills. 
Use Technology to Collaborate and Communicate    
  • Use teacher selected digital tool(s) to work with peers to tell and publish a story or report (CC.W.K.6) 
  • Read or listen to a digital text and demonstrate understanding and ask clarifying questions when needed ( CC.SL.K.2)

                                                          Use Technology to Show Innovation and Technology

  • Use teacher selected tool to draw and publish a digital picture