Power School

Login to PowerSchool for Administrators

General Resources:
  • Logging in - Log into the PowerTeacher portal.
  • Attendance - Taking attendance with PowerTeacher.
  • Birthday Lists - Here are two different ways of getting your students' birthdays using PowerTeacher Gradebook.
  • Seating Chart (video)- YouTube video for how to set up your seating charts.
  • Seating Chart - Written directions for how to set up your seating charts.
  • Mailing List using ABschools - Here's an easy way to create a mailing list of your students' parents/guardians.
  • Creating a contact list of your students - Use these directions to export your classes' student data from PowerSchool and import it as a contact group in ABschools. 
  • Roster report wPhoto Permissions - How to print a roster which displays photos and photo permissions (5 students/page).
  • AB Roster report - How to print a roster with student photos, preferred names, counselor and dean (10 students/page).
  • PTGB User Guide - Here is the full PowerSchool user guide for PowerTeacher Gradebook 2.8. Everything you could possibly need to know!

Especially for High School:
Especially for Elementary:
  • Basic Set Up - This document describes how to launch the PowerTeacher web-based gradebook, enter standard grades and generate progress reports for elementary students.