Grade 3 Learning Goals

While continuing to build on essential reading and writing skills and memorization of math facts, third grade students will find technology to be an increasingly valuable learning tool. While using technology is no substitute for reading a book or conducting  research for a science project, it's an important tool to supplement instruction both in and out of the classroom and can lay the groundwork for inspiring life long learning

Standard 1 - Use It!

Learn how to use a computer or device
  • Begin to recognize when hardware/software is not working properly
    • Discuss basic actions which will assist in keeping device working properly
      • Appropriate shut down
      • Closing applications correctly
      • Not repeatedly clicking on print queue
  • Master basic keyboard and mouse skills
    • Use keyboarding program to support student writing (formal training introduced)
  • Explore assorted peripherals and identify their use (document cameras, digital recorders)
Learn how to use programs and applications
  • Continue to explore technology productivity tools and how they can be used in creative ways 
    • Copy/paste text and images within a document, as well as from one document to another
  • Begin to use technology to bolster and support reading (for both learning and entertainment)
    • Explore eBooks (with and/or without pictures)

Standard 2 - Protect It!

Protect your privacy/safety while using the Internet

  • Recognize and describe the potential risks and dangers associated with various forms of online communications MTLS Gr3-5: 2.9

  • Identify sharing of appropriate and inappropriate information online

  • Understand the concept of a strong password

Practice respect for others and their work while using technology

  • Provide examples of cyberbullying and describe strategies to deal with such a situation

Practice responsibility while using technology

  • Compliance with school rules (AUP) regarding responsible use of computers, networks, and digital information

Standard 3 - Find It,Solve It! Create It, Share It!

Use technology to learn and practice problem-solving
  • Use age appropriate search engines to locate and extract information, selecting appropriate keywords MTLS Gr3-5: 3.7
  • Define the term database and provide examples from everyday life (library catalogs, school records, telephone directories)
  • Use spreadsheets and other applications to make predictions, solve problems, and draw conclusions

Use technology to collaborate and communicate

  • Read or listen to a digital text and demonstrate understanding by asking clarifying questions when needed CC.SL.3.2
  • With guidance and support from adults, use a variety of digital tools to produce, collaborate, and publish writing CC.W.3.6/SL 3.5
  • Work collaboratively online with other students under teacher supervision MTLS Gr3-5: 2.5

Use technology to show innovation and creativity

  • Create audio recordings of stories or poems and add drawings or other visual displays when appropriate to clarify ideas, thoughts, and feelings
  • Upload a picture or graphic into an editing tool, edit, and save in a proper format