Grade 2 Learning Goals

Second grade students are becoming familiar with common uses of technology in daily life and beginning to select appropriate technology tools to solve particular problems and present their learning in multiple formats.  As they begin to think of the Internet as a resource for information and resources, deeper discussions regarding online safety should begin and teachers should consider inviting their school resource officer into the classroom to participate in these discussions. 

Standard 1 - Use It!

Learn how to use a computer or device

  • Identify correct terminology to communicate about computers
  • List ways to take care of digital tools such as keyboards, computer screens, projectors, printers
  • Continue to use a keyboard and mouse (intermediate skills); Click, drag, and drop, use the shift key to make capital letters, type name
  • Mastery of correct posture while using a computer or tablet device

Learn how to use programs and applications

  • Use various productivity tools in simple ways; Enter data into excel, create slides in Powerpoint
  • Demonstrate the ability to use tools in painting or drawing programs
  • Take a picture with a tablet/camera
  • Record your voice 
Learn how to use the Internet
  • Basic introductory Internet research and navigational skills (with adult supervision) using the ABschools splashscreen links

Standard 2 - Protect It!

Protect your privacy/safety while using the Internet

  • List strategies to recognize and avoid dangerous online activity
  • Know who to report to or tell when seeing dangerous online activity (Cyber predators, bullying, solicitations)

Practice respect for others and their work while using technology

  • Have a basic understanding of the importance of giving credit to media creators when using their work in projects 

Practice responsibility while using technology

  • Explain why there are both home and classroom rules for the responsible use of computers, peripherals, and online resources and follow these rules at all times

Standard 3 - Find It,Solve It! Create It, Share It!

Use technology to learn and practice problem-solving
  • Begin to understand the ways that technology tools can assist in problem-solving and begin to explore more teacher approved digital resources to support this
  • Use a simple computer graphing application
  • Use information tools to locate and collect information
    • Use a teacher-selected database or website
Use technology to collaborate and communicate
  • With guidance and support from adults, use a variety of digital tools to produce, collaborate, and publish writing CC.W.2.6/SL 2.5