Grade 1 Learning Goals

First grade classrooms should incorporate technology sparingly to augment learning and lay the foundation for technological literacy.  Many of the technological skills listed in this grade level can be used to bolster and support the core subjects like reading, writing, and math.  Recognizing that these skills can help your students meet their preferred learning styles, teachers should feel comfortable letting their students explore and use various tools to both consume and create their own learning materials!  As with any learning tool given to these young students, teachers must provide specific resources that are age-appropriate, simple to use, and available for students under the age of 13.

Standard 1 - Use It!

Learn how to use a computer or device
  • Learn how to properly take care of digital equipment and media
  • Attempt to maintain correct posture while using a computer

Learn how to use programs and applications

  • Perform basic operations:
    • Turn computer/tablet on/off
    • Be able to open and close a program or application
  • Demonstrate the ability to use tools in painting or drawing programs

Learn how to use the Internet

  • Describe the uses of the Internet: It connects computers around the world for communication and information sharing

Standard 2 - Protect It!

Protect your privacy/safety while using technology

  • Understand the importance of adult assistance when using the Internet
  • Understand that rules for social behavior in the physical world are the same as online: Do not talk to strangers
Practice respect for others and their work while using technology
  • Demonstrate respect for others when sharing computer device/tablet
Practice responsibility while using technology
  • Follow classroom rules for responsible technology use and describe the reasons for having them (AUP)

Standard 3 - Find It, Solve It, Create It, Share It!

Use technology to learn and practice problem-solving

  • Use teacher selected educational applications or Websites to enhance or support learning of foundational skills
Use technology to collaborate and communicate
  • Use teacher selected digital tool(s) to work with peers to tell and publish a story or report (CC.W.K.6)
Use technology to show innovation and creativity 
  • Create and edit a picture using a paint/drawing program