2016-2017 ILP2.0 Announcement

posted Mar 2, 2016, 8:20 AM by Amy Bisiewicz

The EDTech staff is pleased to announce that we are now seeking proposals for next year's Innovative Learning Program, the ILP2.0.  This new version of the ILP is more closely focused on truly innovative ideas, in recognition of the reality that over the past two years, Chromebooks, iPads, and other devices have become standard classroom equipment.  Applications for the ILP2.0 should propose the type of forward-thinking educational technology that reflects the current state of classroom technology integration.

Please see proposal form at the bottom of this email and take note of our April 1st deadline. We look forward to seeing your proposals!

2016-2017 Innovative Learning Program Request for Proposals

What is It?

  • The Innovative Learning Program (ILP) supports teachers and staff looking to create leading-edge learning opportunities within their classroom or practice based on the SAMR model. These opportunities align with the district’s long-range strategic plan of preparing our students to attain their full potential as life-long learners, critical thinkers, and productive citizens of our diverse community and global society.

  • This program provides funding to equip teachers and staff with the necessary technology (hardware, software or membership to Internet sites) to implement the accepted proposals in September.  

  • Accepted ILPs are intended to significantly advance and innovate your current practice. In other words, these proposals should not simply address technology needs in your schools, but should provide a real opportunity to do something different in the classroom.   

  • If you consider the SAMR model of instructional technology integration, the goal of the ILP is to fund classroom practices that modify or redefine educational practices.  

Has this been done before?

  • YES!  The ILP is currently in its third year.  Our current cohort includes 17 teachers who are focused on a range of innovative instructional practices that integrate technology.  You can contact them to learn what they did this year (see below).  

I want to submit a proposal.    What happens now?

  • Fill out the application below and submit your proposal by April 1 for consideration by the committee.  If your proposal is accepted, you will be notified by the end of April.

  • Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

    • Does the proposal promote new perspectives or approaches to learning with innovative thinking?

    • Does the proposal modify or redefine classroom practices or student learning?

    • Does the proposal align with your school or department’s goals and values?

    • Does the proposer have a proven track record as a technology leader in his/her building or in the district?

    • Does the proposer have a proven track record of independent technology integration?

    • Proposer’s anticipated commitments outside the classroom for 2016-2017

If your proposal is accepted, you will be expected to:  


  • Create and get approval for an implementation plan by choosing one of the two options below:

    • Meet with EDTech’s Instructional Technology Teacher, Peggy Harvey, before the end of school to finalize proposal plan, review requirements and discuss steps for implementing your project.  OR

    • Present a clear, written outline of the steps that you will take during the school year to ensure a successful and continued  implementation of the program with measurable goals.

  • Begin implementing your program in September and continue throughout the school year.

  • Participate in professional learning with other ILP educators via approximately 4 face-to-face meetings and online collaboration (dates to be determined).

  • Participate fully in online learning with the ILP cohort (using the Schoology.com) by contributing to online discussions and completing posted assignments by the suggested due dates.

  • Share updates,  news, tech issues, and examples of student projects with others via a digital resource (ie, Twitter) at least once a month.  

  • Share your progress with members of the teaching and learning community by two of the options below:

    • Invite teachers and parents  into the classroom

    • Arrange a presentation during your school faculty meeting or grade level meeting

    • Create a digital product that will be shared online

    • Submit a proposal to present at a technology conference

    • Attend a technology conference


  • Provide support to year one ILP teachers (school-based mentoring, training, etc)

  • Share updates and troubleshoot problems with other ILPers via a digital resource when appropriate

  • Consider participating in district-wide, school-based, or technology-related professional learning opportunities (ie, ABRSD Professional Learning Days or SmartEDU, EdTech Workshops, MassCUE, etc.)

Current 2015-2016 ILP Members:

Sinikka Gary

Glenn Manning

Louisa Latham

Kellie Carter

Peter Broggi

Laura Martin

Nancy Melbourne

Becky Acheson

Molly Meehan

Heather Matthews

Kari James

2016-2017 Innovative Learning Program Proposal Form