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Mission and Strategic Goals

This plan was spearheaded by a committee of stakeholders (educators, parents, citizens of Acton and Boxborough, and school committee members) between the fall of 2010 and the fall of 2011 and was updated in the spring of 2014. Significant effort was made to collect input and feedback from the larger school community.  

The ultimate plan lays out the districts’ mission and values, as defined by our larger community, as well as a series of goals intended to help the districts meet those ideals. Over the next five years, the districts will strive to meet these goals in order to fully prepare our students to be life‐long learners, critical thinkers, and productive citizens.  


To prepare all students to attain their full potential as life‐long learners, critical thinkers, and productive citizens of our diverse community and global society. 


As a community, we value: 
  • An environment that promotes social development and emotional and physical well‐being for the entire school community. 
  • An excellent academic program that prepares all students to achieve their individual potential.
  • Diverse extracurricular opportunities accessible to all students that provide for student growth.
  • A community that welcomes and respects the differences among us.
  • Literacy, communication and technology skills for life long learning. 
  • Educational policy and resource decisions informed by research and evidence.

Archived Goals: District Goals and Plans