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Preschool Screening

Early childhood screening is a way of observing a child's development in areas such as speech and language, fine and gross motor, vision and hearing. A screening can provide information about a child's strengths and areas of weakness, and also provides an opportunity for parents to discuss their concerns.

Federal Law, Individuals with Disabilities Act, contains regulations that include public screening of children, ages 3-4. Parents may request such a screening because they have concerns about their child's development. Parents may question whether or not their child has a special need that could interfere with future learning.

The Acton-Boxborough School system conducts a Preschool Screening Program on a continuous basis throughout the school year. Screening results are reviewed with parents. Children who demonstrate significant difficulties may be recommended for a more in-depth special education evaluation which may only be conducted with written parental consent. Parents who would like more information may contact Joseph Gibowicz, Early Childhood Coordinator, 978-264-4700 x3255 or send email to