Search Engines for Students

A Search Engine is a tool to help you find information and images on the World Wide Web. Search engines are dependent on the key word or words (called a 'search string') that you enter. Beyond the largest search engine, Google, the web offers many search engines for students. See also Website Evaluation and Internet Safety.

Yahooligans! - Designed for Web surfers ages 7 to 12. Sites are selected by YAHOO! staff.

KidsClick! - A database of over 6300 sites compiled by librarians. Their key concern was to create a guide for "their young users to valuable and age appropriate web sites."

Ask Jeeves for Kids - First searches a database of selected sites arranged as questions; then conducts a parallel search of Yahooligans and Education World.

Awesome Library - 15,000 carefully reviewed resources. The site is sponsored by the Evaluation and Development Institute of Oregon.

ThinkQuest Library - Over 1500 student-created Web sites, which are used by educators, students, businesses, government agencies and citizens.

Edview SmartZone - A database of education-related sites. Students may select the appropriate level:elementary, middle or high school.

K-12 INFOMINE Search Screen - This search site is hosted by the University of California and all of the sites indexed have been reviewed for content.

Education World - Search a database of over 120,000+ education-related sites

Scholastic Web Guide - Thousands of excellent web sites found by teachers in all subjects for grades K-8.

KidFusion MetaSearch - Searches for best sites by running parallel screened searches on Yahooligans, KidsClick, ePlay, GO Kids, GO Homework Help, and National Wildlife Federation.

Berit's Best Sites - Lists a thousand top-notch fun and educational sites.

Kid's Search Tools - A compendium of search engines and dictionaries for students.