Curriculum Websites

Literacy Link
Literacy Link (K-8) Website
Welcome to "Literacy Link!" Our goal is to provide families with a multitude of wonderful literacy resources that you can share with your children. We envision this site being used to support and expand literacy learning that occurs everyday in our AB School District. We hope you find this to be a valuable resource as you watch your children grow as readers, writers, listeners, speakers and thinkers. Ultimately, we hope all children will realize that reading brings pleasure and knowledge! Topics on this site include apps for kids, websites, book titles, literacy in our world, primary literacy videos, parent and community resources, and a literacy newsletter.
Math Matters
Math Matters (K-6) Website
Welcome to the Math Matters site. Topics on this site include parent and community resources, websites for kids, and curriculum info.
"Children who expect math to make sense will puzzle over what they don't understand, ask questions and try things out to see what happens. They are persistent and work to make sense." —Kathy Richardson in How Children Learn Number Concepts.
Science and Social Studies Snapshots
Science/Social Studies "Snapshots" (K-6) Website
Welcome to the Acton Schools' Website for Elementary Science and Social Studies. This site features connections for families to "snapshots" of what's happening in our elementary classrooms, as well as links to some great websites, places to explore and good (grown-up) books to read. The site will also include updates on state and national curriculum revision processes as they become available. Topics on this site include elementary snapshots, finding science, finding history and geography, books and information, and "connections" to reflect seasonal connections among art, science, history and geography and poetry.