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Teaching and Learning

The department is a resource for support staff, parents, teachers and administrators as we form a teaching and learning community endeavoring to provide effective instruction for all students PK to 12. When teaching (curriculum, instruction and assessment) results in learning (understanding at meaningful levels) with positive attitudes towards the process and one another, we know that our goals for our community have been achieved.

School Committee Presentations 
Disciplinary Literacy 7-12
Mathematics K-12 
Elementary Literacy K-6

Deborah Bookis, Director
Anne VlajinacAdministrative Assistant
Heather HainesElementary Mathematics Curriculum Specialist and Coach
Jean Oviatt-RothmanElementary Science & Health Curriculum Specialist and Coach
Sharon RyanElementary Literacy & Social Studies Curriculum Specialist and Coach
Connie LongElementary Library/Media Specialist 
Peggy HarveyPreK-12 Instructional Technology Specialist