Tours and Trips

Leaving the confines of the school to venture out into the world can be exciting and educational for students. Even within their own community, students can gain a different perspective on everyday life (as when they can School to Business Partnershipsee behind the scenes of a familiar business). The curriculum can come to life when students see concepts they have learned being applied in a work setting, rather than through the pages of a book. Field trips can be motivating to students, and often students will remember experiences of this kind long after other school memories have faded.

Good planning contributes significantly to the success of trips outside the school. Planning for logistics is basic (transportation, chaperones, etc.), but teachers also plan to maximize the learning that takes place. Students are prepared for the trip, and follow-up activities reinforce what was learned. Businesses in the community which host tours and field trips by school groups can assist in this planning by providing information which helps the teacher in the planning and follow-up process.

For more information, please contact:

Genevieve Hammond, School Business Liaison,
Senior Career Activities Coordinator
ABRHS Counseling Department
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