One of the easiest ways to bring the resources of the community into the schools is through adults coming in to a class or school to share their expertise with students. Visitors can talk specifically about their careers or may share curriculum-specific information which enriches the educational experience of students. Visual aids or interactive presentations can be an important part of the visit to the school.

Speakers can bring concepts to life for students by sharing up-to-date real life experiences with them. Teachers and speakers should prepare for the visit together to make sure that the experience is a satisfying one for presenter and students. Teachers can share information about how best to communicate with students at a particular level and about what exposure the students have had to the topic in question. Speakers can share their proposed presentation and can ask for information on how curriculum connections can be made. The teacher can prepare students in the class to listen and learn from the presentation.

Evaluation of the experience, from the point of view of teacher, students and presenter, can help improve the quality of future presentations.

To volunteer as a career speaker for our high school, contact:

Genevieve Hammond, School Business Liaison,
Senior Career Activities Coordinator
ABRHS Counseling Department
(978) 264-4700 x3498
ABRHS Senior Internship Program Website