Information for Educators

The resources listed here present learning opportunities for students and staff.

Everybody Benefits

For students and educators these partnerships:

  • Provide an answer to the question, "Why do I have to learn this?" 
  • Demonstrate the importance of academics in reaching post-high school training, college and career goals. 
  • Help motivate students to learn by demonstrating the tangible applications of classroom lessons and bringing their curriculum to life; 
  • Give students an opportunity to experience a variety of workplace environments.

School Business Partnerships

School-Business Partnerships can be formed between a business and a class, grade, teacher or entire school. Projects are created based on the interests and goals of the business and the school, and offer valuable worksite connections to a curriculum. Some examples are:

  • A company works with a school to help connect the science curriculum to the technical application in their research and design department; 
  • A publisher works with a class to develop a newsletter; 
  • A scientist uses her professional contacts to assists a teacher in arranging speakers for a science class; 
  • A retail business owner helps a class understand the working of the business and may help to set up a business in the school.

Teachers who are interested in identifying businesses to be resources for their classes should contact:

Genevieve Hammond, School Business Liaison,
Senior Career Activities Coordinator
ABRHS Counseling Department
(978) 264-4700 x3498
ABRHS Senior Internship Program Website

Examples of Partnerships

  • The Haartz Corporation & Douglas School
  • The Office of Michael Rosenfeld & Gates School
  • Design Partnership of Cambridge & Conant School
  • Burkart-Phelan, Inc. & McCarthy-Towne School
  • Cisco Systems & Merriam School
  • Holiday Inn & Douglas School