Information for Businesses

The activities listed here offer benefits for businesses and schools. You can learn about the kinds of partnership activities by exploring this site.

School Business Partnerships

School-Business Partnerships can be formed between a business and a class, grade, teacher or entire school. Projects are created based on the interests and goals of the business and the school, and offer valuable worksite connections to a curriculum. Some examples are:

  • A company works with a school to help connect the science curriculum to the technical application in their research and design department 
  • A publisher works with a class to develop a newsletter 
  • A scientist uses her professional contacts to assists a teacher in arranging speakers for a science class 
  • a retail business owner helps a class understand the working of the business and may help to set up a business in the school.

Make a Connection

If you would like to connect your business with one or more of these programs, or need more information, please contact us. If you would like to learn more about the Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce (MWCoC) and how it could benefit your business or desire more information about the School Business Partnership Committee, please contact:

Genevieve Hammond, School Business Liaison,
Senior Career Activities Coordinator
ABRHS Counseling Department
(978) 264-4700 x3498
ABRHS Senior Internship Program Website

Examples of Partnerships

  • The Haartz Corporation & Douglas School
  • The Office of Michael Rosenfeld & Gates School
  • Design Partnership of Cambridge & Conant School
  • Burkart-Phelan, Inc. & McCarthy-Towne School
  • Cisco Systems & Merriam School
  • Holiday Inn & Douglas School