Any equipment that is donated must be in working order, free of viruses and be of immediate use to the schools. Equipment can be donated to a specific school but cannot be earmarked for an individual classroom or teacher. Whenever possible, the original documentation and disks that came with the equipment and software are greatly appreciated. The donation must be pre-approved by the Director of Educational Technology, Amy Bisiewicz, before the equipment is dropped off. Contact Amy Bisiewicz (978-264-4700, x. 3451) if you have equipment you would like to donate.

We are currently accepting the following equipment and software:
  • Any Windows/Intel computer with at least a Pentium III processor running at 800 MHz or higher. 
  • Any Macintosh computer with at least a PowerPC G3 processor running at 400MHz or higher 
  • Any laptop meeting the above criteria 
  • Any HP laser printer of the following models: 4050, 4100, 2300 
  • Scanners compatible with above equipment 
  • High quality 17" color monitors compatible with above equipment 
  • Digital cameras and/or digital video cameras